Playmobil Easter calendar reviewed.

We are, as has been mentioned previously, very happy to be Playmobil playologists. And we were sent the playmobil easter calendar, which I meant to review a few days ago, but I didn’t. (I could try to excuse myself, but to be honest, I just lost track of time. It’s easy done – are you going to tell me you’ve never done it?)

So I’ll review it now. Better late than never, right?

First of all, it’s got 10 days in it, rather than the full advent countdown that you might be expecting from Christmas calendars. I’ve never encountered an Easter calendar before, so I’ve no idea if that’s normal or not.

There’s a big focus on eggs. And rabbits. And very small fiddly bits – I’ve already had to rescue the eggs, paintbrush and pots from the floor, courtesy of Tigerboy several times. Thankfully he’s just about past the shoving into his mouth stage, though I wouldn’t like to try him for long.

I think the full glory of this really shows in pictures, and we had great fun taking some outside in the sun. Enjoy.

a href=””>The first door The first door

I love the detail on the tiny flowers and butterly I love the detail on the tiny flowers and butterly

Getting ready to paint Getting ready to paint

waiting for? waiting for?

the Easter bunny the Easter bunny

Looking for hiding spaces Looking for hiding spaces

Nearly got away! Nearly got away!

The quality of playmobil and the play value is something that I’ve gone on ad infinitum in the past, and no doubt will again in the future. For all it’s fiddliness, I do love the detail to this set – the little paint pots have lids! There are unpainted eggs, and a hen, as well as sets of painted eggs for the bunny to carry.

It makes me think of Rise of the Guardians – all the egg painting and so on. And I think it’s a set to cherish for years to come. Almost makes me wish the box was reusable.

Hm. A plot thickens…

If you’d like to buy one for yourself, they are available from Amazon (affiliate link) here Playmobil Easter Calendar

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  1. Looks fun – I don’t think there’s any such thing as an Easter calendar though so anything goes!

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