Saturday snippets 30 March 2014

{Shopping} for clothes for tomorrow. I’m wearing grey. Big is going in red and yellow.

{Making} a list and actually sticking to it. What helped was planning out roughly what I needed to be doing when. The evening still got away from me but I got much more done than normal.

{Shopping} for food. I’ve nearly got the hang of the new Lidl layout. Still don’t like it. Not convinced by the luxury ranges either.

{Visiting} the library and coming away without any books. My tbr pile is already overwhelming.

{Missing} the sunshine. I hung out washing but most of the day felt like I was just running about.

{Watching} turks and caicos. I think. Haven’t got a clue. Had Helena Bonham Carter in it though, which is generally a good thing.



Big has restarted running, Small managed his first proper tumble turn this week. Smallest is focusing on counting and Tigerboy is trying out some new words. We now have mil(k), pees (please) and bi (biscuit). It’s a start.

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  1. Hope you had a good day in London with Big, I had to laugh at your tbr pile! Mine has grown from a pile to three full bookshelves. I feel like I have Mount Everest waiting for me and still I see new books I want to read. Good luck with yours ????

  2. T&C had a disappointing ending for me. I love Nighy tho and the cast generally was very good so did enjoy it overall.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Have you seen the first one? We didn’t realise it was part of a trilogy so are all over the place watching it.

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