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My Samsung phone (a Galaxy Note 2 since you asked) is a big part of my life. Even sat here typing on the netbook it’s sitting next to me, ready and waiting for the next instagram opportunity, or to fill in a spare minute with a quick game, and of course the vast majority of pictures that I share are taken on it.

When I drive somewhere, it’s my satnav. It’s been my ticket to conferences using Eventbrite app. (I understand you can even use it as a train ticket, though I don’t know how you’d squish it through the little slot in the barriers 😉 ) Are you getting the impression I’m quite fond of it?

So, when I was in town on Monday, I popped in to the local Vodafone store to see if there was something I could buy to pamper it. (Photos taken on phone. Edited with Photoshop Express free app. Uploaded using WordPress app. Are you getting the idea of how integral the phone is?)

Sadly in this instance I couldn’t find anything to buy. The main focus of accessories is for the Samsung S4, and while that’s a beautiful phone, it hasn’t quite got the impact mine has. I did spend a few minutes gazing at the new phone range – there’s a Note 3, and the S5 is rapidly approaching. Sigh. Maybe next year.


So instead, I went to Costa, and treated myself to a consolation Mocha 🙂


(It looked a lot like this one, picture taken last week on our London trip, and shared via instagram.)

It’s hard to remember in some ways what life was like before smartphones. I think it’s kind of like when Tim tells the children that his childhood was in black and white, as colour hadn’t been invented back then. (Once upon a time I told Big that she mustn’t say that Daddy told her stories. Hohum.) Certainly we don’t have the range of pictures of the first two children, as I just didn’t have a camera to hand at all times. And now I do, slipped into a pocket, so it’s easy to grab that shot of us on a train, or making sand angels on the beach, of them doing crafts at the table, or Small with his new Raspberry Pi.

image image image

The phone means I can keep up with my emails when I’m out and about (double edged sword that one!), can track my training when I go for a run (cough). I can and do blog from it – my Silent Sundays are frequently completely phone written, the only difficulty is the linking up. I’m a smartphone evangelist, and apart from the small Android upgrade hiccup (wah), they make life easier, and better, and brighter and less stressed.

So, what phone is in your pocket?

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  1. Absolutely fabulous post. I am happy with my Samsung Galaxy Ace but also had a glance at the S4. Also a Costa fan. Are you doing the Spring challenge? I also did this #shop. Had a similar instore experience too so ordered online xx

  2. Awesome post, thanks for sharing this post..

  3. Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..

  4. Hubs has a samsung, but mine is an iPhone – don’t think I could live without my smartphone though – they revolutionise life!! x

    I recently posted Greek Cypriot Meze as part of the #Cbias Asda #Shop x

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Android but rather sadly my phone is a Samsung Y so unable to support most of the newer apps. And very little memory. I frequently have to delete apps in order to be able to run the one in favour and cannot play any of the games that are oh so popular; Candy Crush anyone?!

  6. It’s odd to think how many memories wouldn’t have been captured if a phone hadn’t been close to hand! (can you imagine striving for perfect pictures with film- and the expense!!).
    But yes, the S5…. off to dream!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Exactly that. I often shoot 5 or 10 pictures of the kids in a row – that would have been half a film!

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