Feeling good with Gok Wan and Activia

So a little while ago I posted about the new Activia campaign all about how feeling good comes from within, and how you can let the feel good out with dancing. And I said that I was going to be meeting someone a bit special as part of my involvement with the campaign.

The meeting was a few weeks ago now, but I’ve been waiting for photos 🙂 The someone special is Gok Wan.

Jax and Gok

So how’s about that then?

It was a really interesting day. There are some other bloggers involved and it was good to meet two of them there – Muireann from Bangs and a Bun, and Julia from Julia’s place (although you can also find her in the heads office). We have very different slants and focusses with our writing, but definitely have things in common – not least a directness of approach!

Once we’d had a chance to chat with each other and someone from Activia (whose name completely escapes me – I can manage about three new names a day I think, and that was just over the limit) we moved on to the cafe where we were due to sit down with Gok. I was a bit nervous – dare I confess here that I’ve never watched a Gok show or will you all excommunicate me? When I started mentioning to friends I was going to meet him though, everyone was incredibly positive, and not a little bit jealous, the overwhelming message being that he’s a really nice guy, who does what he can to make people feel good about themselves.

Turns out that that is absolutely true. Gok knew who we were and a bit about our blogs – that mine has a books focus for example 😉 And he is great to chat with, so chat we did.

The focus with Activia is about how feeling good comes from inside, and it’s an incredibly positive message. There’s nothing about looking good for anyone else (nothing about looking good at all in fact), it’s all about feeling good, and how you can increase that. Good food comes into it, and Activia are very happy to be a part of that plan – and what they do on facebook is all just about sharing: recipes, fun dance experiments, and Q&A with Gok in the last week or so.

Which meant that our chat focussed to a large extent on what makes us feel good. Which isn’t as straight forward a question as you’d think. For me it’s reading. Walking along the seashore. I love the sea. I love how it’s always changing, and always perfect all in one.

And of course, music. As I’ve mentioned before, my Christmas gift from Tim was a Pure connect so that I can listen to my country music in the connection. And I jig along with it quite often. But if I’m going to choose real happy music, I’ve got two types. There’s Eva Cassidy – Over the rainbow. My birth music for Small so it’s got great associations. And the other is music to singalong to, and it’s pretty much anything by Bon Jovi.

Strangely, it seems Gok is more into disco. And he likes Barbra Streisand The main event 🙂

So, tell me. What makes you feel good? And what’s your happy song?

And what’s more, would it make you dance in the street? Activia are running a series of Feel Good experiments, and here’s the video for number two. Would you have got up and danced along?


(I think I might have 😉 )

feel good within activia bloggers with Gok

jax laughing with Gok

Disclosure: my participation in this Activia campaign is being recompensed. And I’m getting to feel good too 😉

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  1. I love Gok and almost everything he does (hosted a really bad game show once) and I’m more than a little bit jealous of you…..but I’m pleased for you too as you obviously had a great day out. The sea/beach/crashing waves does it for me too 🙂

  2. Lucky you – such great pics to have!

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