The Week reviewed. The magazine that is. (Get yourself a free copy.)

The Week (magazine) Recently I was sent a copy of The Week to review, and today I *finally* got around to it.

They also sent me a link for you to claim your own free copy – Just in case you want to skip the review and do that now, here you go.

Still here? Good.

It’s billed as providing you “with everything you need and want to know in just an hour of your time”. Personally I would say it falls more than a little short of this aim, but it certainly was eye opening on what other people feel are the important stories. So the featured stories from this particular issue are Dave Lee Travis, John Travolta (my dance with Diana) and How Lego conquered the world.

The front page features Heavy Weather – is climate change to blame? (Irritating in and of itself quite frankly – surely heavy weather *is* climate change if it’s varying from a set pattern, however you want to break the term down – which makes the headline Heavy weather – is heavy weather to blame. Gah. Could be just me being massively pedantic of course.)

Other articles that leapt out at me: Will Obamacare dstroy the US’s work ethic? Again, this seems to misunderstand the terminology. It’s hardly work ethic if people are only working to get medical benefits, and if discovering you can replace your in work benefits with an open market policy for under $500 a month (puts in perspective the benefits of the NHS doesn’t it?) leads you to quit work and baby sit your granddaughter doesn’t imply anything about your work ethic at all. Just another way to have a go at scroungers v shirkers on a different continent it seems. (How is looking after a five year old full time not a benefit to society anyway? Or is it because her doing it means her daughter doesn’t have to employ someone, so that’s two people out of the employment lists rather than one?)

Anyway, I’m not really feeling the balanced and concise summary aspect here, although it’s always interesting to get a different perspective on the world, and for that reason I am contemplating grabbing my 6 issues for a £1 and seeing how I go on with it. (It will also mean I’ve plenty of magazines for the children to chop up for crafts 😉 )

Oh, and in case you’re wondering whether you’re the target market, this might help you decide. Does it cover your listening needs?

the week the archers

If you fancy grabbing a free copy to see whether you agree or disagree with my opinion, pop over here. Do let me know how you get on.

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  1. I used to have a subscription to The Week, actually, about four years ago. Loved it back then and would certainly consider getting it again. I think it’s meant to be balanced in the sense of pulling lots of views from lots of different sources. I found it helpful as a starting point if it had been a busy week when I’d missed the news. I could then go away and read more about whatever it had given me a glimpse at. It’s also just good entertainment value. Can definitely see how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and yes, certainly, magazines are always useful for craft. 🙂 I have a couple of catalogue subscriptions I’ve not cancelled for that purpose.

  2. Never thought to subscribe to this, although I might give it a go.

  3. I always look out for it at the station, sometimes not there, wish it always was!

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