300 picture books week 9


lots of bedtime reading this week, mainly of library books. The patternis often that one new one is read and then a couple from previous evenings are repeated. So this week included: Zoo – Anthony Browne. I’m sure this is supposed to be thought provoking. I found it unpleasantly disturbing.
One witch.
Long live Princess Smartypants.
Bringing down the Moon.
Jill and the Beanstalk.
The Great pet sale
Two monsters

Library visit included board book reading.

(9 in that pile, one’s a duplicate so we read an extra one as well. )

And can I remember what we read at bedtime? Think it was called That’s not funny, had a hyena playing jokes with a banana skin. I read it once, then Smallest read it through to herself almost word perfect. She’s got a phenomenal memory.

Our numeric tally.
17 picture books read making 117/300 (36%)
Books bought – 1
Prizes – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 19 (91? cumulative not sure this is right.)

See week 8

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  1. I love the pile of board books and I’ve never heard of The Greedy Python. And this post has reminded me that I didn’t list people who got to 100 in the last week, or comment on any of last week’s links, or added the picture of the prize books for this week. I used to be organised 😉

    I’ve never got the hang of Anthony Browne. We’ve only read a few, and I’ve not really liked any – text or art. He’s usually raved about though so I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      I liked Willy and Hugh.

      • I’ve not read that one, although I have seen an interpretation of it by primary aged children as the whole school studied a variety of Anthony Browne books last year. The children seemed very keen on them all, and Voices in the Park and the Silly Billy sounded good. I’ve only read about three to be fair 🙂

  2. We’ve been visiting the library more to stock up on bedtime reading too. I actually usually like Anthony Browne but haven’t read that one. We love his ‘Little Beauty’ one and although i don’t always fully ‘get’ all his books, I actually do think his illustrations are really clever because i always spot more and more in them each time i re-read a book. It is amazing how kids can memorise books. I remember my son (when he was about 3) picked up Mr Magnolia and ‘read’ it from memory word perfect and only forgetting the word ‘newt’ which he replaced with a second ‘frog’. I was stunned! x

  3. I’ve read Zoo and it is actually a little bit disturbing

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