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question-63916_150I miss memes. I know that we’re all busy facebooking and tweeting which Joss Whedon heroine we’d be (Willow, obviously), or sharing pictures of Nicolas Cage on various social networks, but I used to like memes that you saw on blogs, that linked you off on a grand tour of the blogosphere. So I was quite happy to be tagged recently for My Fictional World and when I went seeking victims taggees, Nickie said she’d have a go if I had a go at hers.

How can you pass up on an offer like that? So, these are the questions Nickie asked. And if you’d like to be interviewed, scroll to the bottom and see the questions I’ve written – then let me know you’ve done it so I can link your answers 🙂

Who would you like to dance with and why?
Is this anyone ever? Because I’d bring back Patrick Swayze, oh yes. Why? Come of it, who doesn’t want to be rescued from a corner by a guy in a leather jacket?

(Yeah, yeah, I know I can rescue myself or something. But once in a while, it’s good to let somebody else do the heavy lifting.)

Roller Disco or Ice Skating?
Neither? Ugh. Much sitting down painfully. But if I had to choose one, Ice Skating as I can’t stand the noise of roller disco.

What music do you listen to?
Country and soft rock. Although I’m increasingly disturbed by country songs I’ve been listening to that I’d classify as stalker country. What’s that about? And I realised that when I listened to it in my teens, I never envisaged myself as the girl left behind, I was always the cowboy riding off into the sunset, drinking black coffee and smoking a last cigarette. Even though I don’t smoke.

Mayo or Ketchup?
Depends what it’s on. But probably mayo.

How do you evaluate success?
I don’t. I judge myself a failure pretty much daily. I’m working on it.

What is your social media platform of choice and why?
Twitter. Quick, easy, word based. Can’t be doing with all this picture stuff.

What would be your chosen superpower?
Somewhere I have a tshirt that says ‘I make milk, what’s your superpower?’ But if I could choose another one as well, I think I’d go with actually finishing what I started. It would be a superpower as far as I’m concerned!

Going out or staying in?
Staying in, preferably with a good book and a large bar of chocolate.

Who would you like to have a brew and a chat with?
Ooh, now that’s tough. I’d love to have that cuppa I put off with my sister, thinking we had all the time in the world. We didn’t. (If I’d answered this before I saw the #justiceforLB thing the other day, I’d probably have said River Phoenix. But I’m in a missing my sister mood right now.)

Who is your biggest female influence?
I don’t think I have any one in particular. That’s a bit sad isn’t it?

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Don’t compare your insides with other people’s outsides. Seriously, in this social media world, it’s a hiding to nothing.

Now, some questions. How many did we have there? 11 – that’s a funky number.

What’s your favourite way to relax?
What’s your best standby quick meal? (What, I can’t get something useful out of this?)
If you could change one thing about the world today, what would it be?
What’s the best piece of advice you have to give?
Red or white?
What moment in history would you choose to visit (you can’t change anything while you’re there) and why?
Favourite author and the book of theirs you most enjoy?
Which fictional character would you most like to be or meet?
What song is guaranteed to get you dancing?
What’s the question I should have asked you – and the answer?
Favourite place in the world and why?

And now I have to type some more because otherwise my word count is at 666! Would love some volunteers – do yell if you’re happy to take part.

Tech, Donna – if you want to take part, just do, and then let me know so I can link you 🙂

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  1. Ooh I’ve been wondering what I could blog about before I have a blog entry free february.

  2. I rather miss memes too and also have no idea what ‘stalker country’ is (may have to investigate that one!)

  3. Really interesting post, some great questions and answers.


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