300 Picture books week 8


Another library trip, and they had picture books for sale at 30p each. It would have been rude not to, especially as they had Darkness for sale. We read 4 books there, and brought 14 home.

Also read.
One witch
Igor, the bird who couldn’t sing.
Stone age boy.
It was you, Blue kangaroo.
The blue balloon
You can’t eat a princess
Caterpillar dreams
Not now Bernard.


Do the five board books that came with Scout count? He’s read them, I’ve read them. I’m going to say yes.


So, our numeric tally.
20 picture books read making 100/300 (33%)
Books bought – 3
Prizes – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 14 (72? cumulative not sure this is right.)

This is such a good habit to have got into, reading lots of books daily.

See week 7

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  1. Board books definitely count 🙂 I love library sales too, have had some lovely books from ours. Thank-you for linking up with #300PBs.

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