Peppa Pig wobbles but she doesn’t fall down!

peppa pig weebles wobbily carWould I like to review Peppa Pig Weebles?

How much would I!

I can’t imagine I’m the only child of the 70s to remember and massively miss weebles. Altogether now – weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

It turns out that this causes quite a bit of frustration if you’re a two year old and you’d *really* like Peppa to lie down, preferably on her back, presumably in a puddle.

We were sent
Peppa Pig Weebles Push-Along Wobbily Car
which is actually quite excellent. It’s well made and the wheels on the car are offset so that it goes along in a very weebily fashion. There’s room for two characters in the car – there was heated debate here as to whether they should wobble in the car (they don’t, just in case you’re wondering) – and one supplied. There’s plenty of play value in making Peppa spin on hard floors, and the car is, like any other vehicle, eminently suitable for running all around the house, and particularly under adults feet :/

It doesn’t have quite the same feel as the weebles I remember – I think they were somehow more squat if that makes any sense, and I think maybe the plastic was different. And I’m not entirely a Peppa Pig fan but the children are and that’s what counts, right? It does seem slightly ironic to me that you absolutely can’t make her lie down though, given the amount of time the whole Pig family spends lying on its’ collective back in muddy puddles.

As tie in toys go though, it’s a stroke of genius to reintroduce weebles, as there’s a whole generation of parents that are going to run out and buy them anyway. And I can’t say you’re going to be disappointed, they are just as pointless but wonderful as I remember them to be.

So, the recommendation is yes, you need weebles in your childrens’ lives, if only so you can wander about singing (all together now) Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

Peppa Pig weeble in wobbily car

Disclosure – we were sent this for review. The link above is an affiliate link.

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  1. I feel we need these. My son has become Peppa obsessed and I always liked Weebles. And yes, that little jingle will now be swirling round in my head all night…

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