300 picture books week 6

A good reading week because we popped in another library visit and read 6 books while we were there.


Not that I can remember what else we’ve read.

Oh hang on.
Bob and the Moon tree mystery, as reviewed on Shingle Street.
Two more tree Fu Tom books.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

This last one is a book with pictures, but it’s not primarily a picture book. We read it because it has some interesting ideas about life and death and Smallest was having a very bad day wailing about what would happen if we didn’t die together, who would look after her. (And lots of other assorted sobbing over mortality, being alone, growing up and so on. )

I don’t know whether it helped her. I know it used to help me.

This time as I read it it grated on me that all the seagulls who have names are male. Not cool. If and when I read it aloud I may adjust this.


It’s depressing how unequal the representation of male and female characters is in picture books. I can’t remember who I read on this recently (a blogger) but since I read their post I’ve noticed it more and more.

Back tomorrow to add in numbers, pictures, links, all the stuff that makes these posts useful.

So, our numeric tally. 10 picture books read 66/300 (22%)
Books bought – 0.
Prizes – 0.
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – ??

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  1. We had a library trip this week but mainly for the boys who have missed the library visits since they finished homeschooling. Will have to pop back to the library to get some picture books for Miss T. xxx

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