Lego Carcraft High speed chase.

Can you do something with Lego for carcraft went the email.

Well, yes. I can hand it to my son and his ZU3D kit, and let him animate it.

So here you go. One Carcraft Lego high speed chase. All Small’s own work. He’s good, isn’t he?

(and yes, I’ve spoken to him about clearing the table before he does animations in future. It’s not his wine. Honest. )

Actually, I’m going to take a minute here to wax lyrical about lego and animation. I think it’s brilliant. It’s creative, it spans the ages, and it’s not messy. Yes, it goes all over the floor, but you can clear it up really easily. Small has spent hours on this today, but he enjoyed it. And Tigerboy was sat alongside him for most of the time (check out my Silent Sunday for photo evidence). And right now, as I deal with this post, I’ve got the two little ones sat at the table playing with lego again.

I love lego. It’s good stuff. So thanks for the inspiration Carcraft, you done good.

Edited – for anyone who is interested in ZU3D – Small has blogged it further (with other animations) here and you can buy it on here (affiliate link.)

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  1. Love it – we’re big Zu3D fans here too!! Fab when they’re being creative, isn’t it?!

  2. Wow! This looks ace! You’re right Lego is fantastic stuff – my 5 yr old loves Lego but 1 yr old would swallow it so we use Megablocks while he’s around for the time being.

  3. Amazing. So creative & great skills.

    We love Lego here too but haven’t looked at animation yet.

  4. So impressive and inspiring! We are interested in animation and zu3d looks an ideal way to start so I’m doubly glad I stopped by. Thank you Jax & Small!

  5. I would LOVE my son to do stuff like this, it’s wonderful!
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  6. Wow. That’s fabulous and will be the first thing I show my son tomorrow. He is Lego mad and just getting into animation after watching the little tutorial thing on the batman lego DVD. He’s going to find this very inspiring. I suppose I need to go investigate ZU3D. 🙂
    Thanks to both

  7. Jax
    First of all the animation was great. My daughters are big LEGO fans (and I have to admit I am too 🙂 ) But I’m not that familiar with ZU3D. I’m going to have to check this out. If my girls could do animation like you displayed here, they would be ecstatic. Thank you for the great post!
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