Vanish Gold 30 second stain challenge – Beetroot!

Vanish Gold challenge stain kit
I have four children. I know about stains. Boy do I know about stains. And smells. Ugh. Vanish has been a part of my anti stain armoury for a very long time. My product of choice is to use the stain bar usually, although I do have a big tub of Oxi Action in the cupboard too. That doesn’t get wheeled out so often now that there are no work shirts being washed. I’m always happy to give something else a go, so I was very happy to take part in the Vanish Gold Oxi action 30 second stain challenge with Vanish and Tots100.

Everything I needed came in a very glamorous package, which is a pretty good start 😉

It’s not every day I get to make a stain for myself. Usually I’m doing the cleaning up. But today I got to play with the beetroot, and drip it onto the napkin.

beetroot stained napkin

And for what happened next – a video. Filmed by my glamorous assistant, so any glitches, blame her 😉

As you can see, it didn’t take 30 seconds to take the stain out – more like 10. I’m really impressed. I mean, seriously. Quick rinse in some warm water, and there you go, one clean (if slightly wrinkled) napkin.

one napkin no stain

For other stains, Vanish has a whole Vanish Tipexchange to check out – see if there are any that usually beat your stain removal options.

Now, does anyone have any beetroot recipes? Hate waste 😉

Disclosure – I have been recompensed for my time in the writing of this post.

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