Finding my inner happy with Activia and the Salsa

Regular readers will know that I struggle with January. Well, actually, it’s winter as a whole. Miserable weather, dark evenings, so difficult to get outside with multiple small children. I’ve been trying a lot of different tactics to keep myself cheerful, such as my creative year challenge (let’s not look at this one too closely), 300 picture books (working rather better), and I’ve also been doing a spot of dancing.

This last is inspired by Activia and their feel good from within campaign. They are challenging the nation to feel better by getting their groove on, and running a bunch of experiments to see how it helps. Check this one out.

Isn’t that just fabulous? I confess when I’m jigging around the kitchen it’s usually to either country and western or maybe some Motown, but I’ve been trying the salsa as well. You can find instructions on the Activia Facebook page, if you fancy giving it a go.

I’m quite looking forward to the rest of this challenge. You see, I won’t only be dancing on my own in the kitchen. I may be making some sneaky trips to London, and meeting up with a celebrity.

Can you guess who?

Disclosure: Activia are sponsoring my involvement with this campaign.

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  1. Now that made me smile! I really like the Activia brand so I suppose I am bit biased – but what a great idea for an advert 🙂 Here’s to when the sun (finally!) comes out again!

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