300 Picture books week 4.


Grief, the year is racing by isn’t it? I can’t believe we’re on week 4 already.

This is the first week we’ve missed a day reading – we were out pretty much all day on Saturday, so we didn’t read anything at all, old or new. It felt rather odd.

I’m also still behind with my reviews over on Shingle Street, which is slightly annoying. For example, I haven’t mentioned there that we’ve read Mog the forgetful cat. I love Mog. I can’t quite understand why we don’t have our own copy – we had to borrow one from the library. Must get hold of one for myself.

I also can’t remember where we’d got up to last week. I need a better way of keeping track of what we read when. (Maybe I should just do what I’ve seen other people do and take pictures. Then add the reviews later. That would probably work.)

I know we read this on Sunday.

what's under the bed

Non fiction, for a change. And with irritating errors – it goes down through the earth layer by layer, and bizarrely has a secret cave with prehistoric cave paintings in the layer under the dinosaur fossils. Just no. But I like the way it repeats each of the previous layers each page, so that you’re building up a story.

Ooh, and I know we read the books that I won from Anne Marie.

300 picture books prize pack Except the cars and trains soft book. Because a small child ran off with that and hid it before I had the chance to read it!

So, that’s definitely 5 so far.

Some more titles:
Charlie and Lola: we honestly can look after your dog.
The fairytale hairdresser and sleeping beauty.

And my book of the week:

Peely Wally. It was just as well I enjoyed this, as both children loved it and we read it a lot of times.

So, our numeric tally. 9 picture books read 37/300 (10%)
Books bought – 3.
Prizes – 4
Books disposed of. 0
Library books borrowed – 0 (24 cumulative)

Cumulative – um, whatever I decided we were up to last week, plus at least 8.9. Babar’s travels. (Smallest didn’t like it. ) I think perhaps I’d better put a widget in the sidebar somewhere.

So we’re definitely on target, even if I’m really quite hopeless with keeping track :/

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  1. That sounds like many of my weeks, struggling to remember exactly what we read! In theory, if I’m organised, I read upstairs and then add all the books via Goodreads app on my phone. This relies on all the books being on Goodreads in the first place, which isn’t always the case. Pinning seems too long winded to me, but seems to be working better for other people. In practice, I try to keep a pile of books that we’ve read in one place until I get a chance to add them to Goodreads. This relies on the children not wandering off with the books and stashing them in other places… 🙂

  2. I love Mog

    Our year 2 read it

  3. I love the wonderwise books!

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