Silent Sunday 26 January 2014


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  1. Mine’s a train shot today, too! Hours of fun to be had there

  2. Now that looks like great fun x

  3. Sibling playtime…. how lovely!

    xx Jazzy

  4. Nothing beats the Brio tracks. DD plays on it at my sister’s when we go to London. Her big cousins and uncle (ages 13, 16, 19 and 50) are just as thrilled to have an excuse to help her build a track.

  5. Aww wooden train sets, my twins love theirs. We also have the exact same Gap jumper 😉 x

    • That Gap jumper was Big’s about 11 years ago – it’s now on around its sixth child 🙂 And I must get our train track out – this was at a friend’s house and they played with it for hours.

  6. Lovely image of playing together.
    Brought back memories of the various layouts my son used to do when smaller.

  7. Playing together, I hope they had fun.

  8. What great fun!

  9. Oh, what a cute face! Our train track is hidden at the moment, I feel a bit mean 😉

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