Saturday snippets 18 January 2014

{Travelling} mainly by train. With two small children and no backup. And while I managed to lose Tigerboy’s water bottle, that was our biggest disaster of what was a very lovely day.
{discovering} anew that Smallest is a very lovely little girl. She was amazingly well behaved throughout what was a very long day. She took part in every activity, doing crafts, playing games, eating sensibly. There was no wailing when she didn’t win pass the parcel, and no hiding behind me when other children spoke to her. She spoke to adults and smiled, and was really good fun to be with. Nice day out.
{missing} family film night. The other half of the family watched Serenity.
{loving} two very different blogger events. We helped BumpPR celebrate their fourth birthday, and had a great party, with games and of course cake. Then we went on to Faber children and had the most wonderful interactive theatre experience based around their new picture books.
{wishing} I didn’t have to get up for taxi duty tomorrow morning.

There will be a train selfie here. Which will also be my #52memories picture 🙂


Big achieved 14. She did it with elegance and style. Small had his swim club trial, and is going into the junior squad (yah boo sucks to the teacher who kicked him out of lessons for being too slow!). Smallest, as mentioned above, has been a wonderful companion today. Tigerboy is really enjoying jigsaws, drawing and our daily picture books.

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  1. I’ve joined the linky – lots of fun doing this. Your kids are growing up lovely. 🙂

    • http://Jax%20Blunt says

      Thank you for joining in and for the compliment. I think I don’t tell them often enough how proud of them I am.

  2. Lots of lovely positive snippets there! Well done on the train thing, travelling with multiple littles is not easy.

  3. Well done on the train travel.. that is something I have got to tackle at some point I think! Sounds like you had a great day 🙂

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