Saturday Snippets 11 January 2014

{celebrating} getting the year right in the title 😉
{reading} The Geography of You and me. Just perfect for what I needed last night and this morning.
{watching} Paul. Alien film. (Very) bad language, but integral to the film, rather than being gratuitous. Not sure that that actually improved my tolerance of it. Not a film for young children (it’s rated 15 I think, and as there’s not that much violence, I think that is mainly language related. Ours played on cbeebies instead.) Very funny though in parts. Excellent cast.
{restarting} my creative year challenge, by starting watching this learn to draw video. And actually trying the things in it. Today, straight lines. (See instagram.)
{eating} the biggest jacket potatoes ever. 3 for £1 at the fruiterers. Big was out at a swimming gala, we only managed two between the rest of us! There was left over mince from the £2 pack we used for burgers last night, and various bits out of the fridge. All in all, a very cheap and easy tea.
{feeling} a bit meh. I keep starting things and not finishing them (see creative year challenge above). I sort of miss being employed – it being someone else’s responsibility to assign work and then pay me for it. I’m not sure I’m organised enough for this lark. This too will pass.
{baking} banana bread and making memories. I’m taking part in a #52memories challenge with the mumdrum which is building a memory book of 52 pictures through the year. I think I’ll probably build two separate books for the little ones, and maybe a family one? Anyway, often the picture I choose here will be part of the book, and it’s just helping me focus on doing things it’s worth taking picture memories of, if that makes any sense.

baking banana bread

Big has built me a website – I’ll be launching it this week, as soon as I get all the content transferred in. It’s very pretty 🙂 Small has finished year 8 maths and moved up to year 9 – not bad going for a 10 year old. Smallest has started learning to scoot. Tigerboy very definitely said ‘o’ when playing with My First Leaptop last night – I’m beginning to wonder if he’s going to skip speech until he’s learnt to read. Which would be different.

How has your week and day been? Will you join in? (The linky is open until Friday, so if a different day than Saturday suits you for snippeting, you can still share 🙂 )

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  1. Ooo, look forward to seeing the website 🙂 I love the sound of the #52memories challenge. x

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