Reading challenges – #read52 and #300PBs

This year, like last year, I’m setting myself the challenge of reading 52 books. This year I’m going to actually try to keep track 😉

I don’t really use Goodreads any more, as now they are owned by Amazon I slightly object to basically doing their advertising for them. Instead, my 52 books will be listed and reviewed here, generally on a Friday, with linky for you to pop in your own weekly reading post if you feel so inclined. (And obviously I have a lovely badge for you to use, also if you feel so inclined.)

And I’m also taking part in ChildLedChaos 300 Picture book challenge. Now, I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to record this. I can’t put it in my weekly my read post, as then I’d be linking my linky in her linky and that might cause the internet to turn into a black hole and swallow us all up. And I don’t want to do daily review posts here as I don’t want to drown you all in blog posts. What I might do is bring Shingle Street out of retirement, do daily posts there, and a weekly roundup post here on a Monday. Still pondering.

Midnight Rose

Anyway, this week hasn’t actually been a particularly good reading week, what with the travelling to Yorkshire and back, and so I haven’t actually finished The Midnight Rose(Hive affiliate link)
icon yet. I am getting into it and really enjoying it, which surprised me, as I didn’t think it was my kind of thing. And I’m looking forward to finishing it and doing a full review 🙂

I have managed to read 4 picture books with the children so far though, so that’s going well. (I’ve even got a draft post in process with the titles in, though I need to add today’s books.) And today I went to the library and came back with 11 more, to keep us going for a little while longer.

So, how has your reading year got underway? Set yourself any challenges? Fancy joining in, either here, or with the picture books? You don’t have to decide you’ll read 52 books, by the way, whatever challenge you set yourself is fine by me. But I’d love to hear what you’re up to, so feel free to pop your post in the linky, or tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. I know what you mean about Goodreads, but it’s so handy to get code to show book covers without looking for all the pictures! I also completely ignore all the links to buy the books 😉 Thank-you so much for linking up to the picture book challenge, my first linky will be Monday. Phew, the internet won’t create a black hole – then again I still linked to this post in my linky entry, so maybe it will… 😉


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