That last minute present panic.

Yesterday I audited the presents. I don’t go mad at Christmas – for starters with four children we just don’t have the money to do it. And the kids get stuff through the year as and when they need it, or for review 😉 so they aren’t particularly low on anything.

But Smallest could do with a toy – her pile is a little more devoid of playing options than I like. I might buy some extra apps for her Kurio (I highly recommend this tablet as a gaming device for small people. It’s been here for a while, and apart from looking a bit sticky on the screen, it’s holding up extremely well to being played with frequently by both Small and Tigerboy. He particularly likes Talking Ginger, while she loves a variety of different apps. My only caveat would be that without google playstore it’s not useful for me as a tablet as I can’t install the variety of apps I use for work like wordpress. ETA – I’ve just learnt that the S series has been approved for playstore, so this will soon be rectified. Makes this an extremely attractively priced tablet. We have the 7S and with bumper included, it appears to be available for around £75 at a variety of places.) but really I wanted something simpler. Problem is that she doesn’t need another doll – she has lots, and we just went to Build a Bear so she has her Christmas cuddly. I’m running out of thinking time for this one. I think a long term plan might be a dolls house – I love this one (apologies for slightly blurry picture!) that I saw at Christmas in July, but we’ve no room at the moment to set one up.

dolls house with a difference

Another panic revolves around the fact that one of the presents I ordered last week got held up due to a problem with my account – I couldn’t see anything wrong with my credit card details, but apparently there was something. Gah. That one is for an adult though, so we might just cope.

For other last minute presents I might look at gift cards or make our own IOUs. We loved Hellofresh when we reviewed it – a box of all the food for three meals, supposedly for four people, but actually fed the 6 of us pretty well. It would make a good present for someone away at uni or to take on holiday, so that people didn’t have main shopping to do on arrival. I’m pondering it for my parents, though I’m not sure how much cooking they actually do these days. Given the recipe cards that come with the meals, it’s actually a great way to get a bit more adventurous with your cooking, and we’ve gone on to reproduce a couple of the meals from the cards and slightly cheaper ingredients. A lot cheaper than a cooking class, that’s for sure.

The other thing is of course having little bits made with love by the toddler. I’ve got a box of craft stuff on the table for her to work through today – we’ll end up with some presents out of it, and she’ll be occupied rather than getting herself wound up by the inevitable stress in the house. The adults and older children will take it in turns to do stuff – there’s something for everyone’s level of competence 😉 and it all means that Smallest will get quality attention in between our rushing about. (Tigerboy will no doubt assist. I’m also thinking about getting them to do some potato printing on brown paper for wrapping, although I may have left it a little late for that to dry to be usable.)

Or that’s the plan anyway. How do you deal with last minute present panic?

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