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I get a lot of approaches via the blog these days. Invitation to test toys for Tesco? The kids said yes please! (And tips for PRs, given that we were given travel expenses without a second thought, and every exchange with the PR firm concerned was courteous and prompt, I was very pleased to say yes too.)

First there were the auditions.

(and then we went on to the British Museum, so that was a really fun day out.)

And then Small was selected! He was thrilled to be sent Lego Star Wars Dual on Geonosis, and you can see his thoughts on it here.

(But if you didn’t watch right to the end of the first clip, you’ll have missed the best bits of his review session.)

I reckon he’s a natural. What do you think? (I just love the bit where you can see him thinking about recreating the entire movie in Lego.)

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  1. He definitely is a natural, we love those Yoda voice bits, they are classic. Such an amazing thing to be a part of and it was lovely to meet you.

  2. Wow, how does he do that voice? That’s awesome! Fab review too. Well done, Small 🙂

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