Silent Sunday 20 October 2013


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  1. How very beautiful, I love the droplets of moisture, fab close up.

  2. Lovely, you got it just about right considering it was a manual exposure.

  3. Beautiful photo, I love it!

  4. Wonderful getting the close up with all the raindrops!

  5. I LOVE that web. Such a fab picture.

  6. That is really beautiful, it almost looks like little glass beads.

  7. That’s so beautiful. I always see wonder in a spider’s cleverly woven web, and with the dew drops, this is just gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful picture!

  9. like a piece of expensive jewellery!

  10. That’s a great shot and has just reminded me what my Silent Sunday photo was going to be! How could I have forgotten?!

  11. Webs are an art in their own right. … love this shot.

  12. I like how the drops of rain hang on spiders webs. Spiders webs are pretty outdoors, not keen on them in my house though.

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