Educational carnival – indoor activities and sanity savers – call for posts.

It’s autumn. You can’t have missed the sudden change in seasons – from strappy tops to wellies and woollies in the space of a week! So the theme of this month’s carnival is indoor activities – what do you do to keep them happy and out of mischief without sacrificing your sanity? Are we talking games, DVDs, computers, crafts, arts? It can be cheap, expensive, in your house or elsewhere, I’m just interested in what everyone is getting up to.

And of course, if you’ve something different on your mind but it’s got an education theme – home education, alternative education, after school or weekend – everyone is welcome. Ping me your posts via twitter, my contact form or in the comments here, and if you can get them to me by next Tuesday 22nd, so that I can get the carnival live on Thursday 24th that would be lovely, as would sharing this post far and wide so that we get lots of lovely posts to read. (Hit the shame buttons folks!)

You can find the previous carnivals here on resources and here on not back to school

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