Out and about on a #gbwalk at Ickworth House.

Late breaking decision last night was to meet up with friends for a day at Ickworth. It nearly didn’t happen when Tigerboy sleep in till after 9 and I then had to wake up the others at 10, but they all liked the idea so we scrabbled together a packed lunch and headed out.

There’s a fantastic natural play area, with a wildlife garden, a willow maze and more obvious swings, slides and so on, and that’s where we started. Picnic was eaten in one of three little shelters that are only missing a bench round the wall to make them perfect, then we headed off for some exploration and geocaching.


I’m still stalking a number of Garmin GPS handsets on ebay, and I think one will be a good investment. Our phones struggled with signal today, but we still found two caches as we explored and while I do tend slightly to the opinion that it spoils a good walk, it does encourage certain members of the group to walk further than they might otherwise 😉


I loved the walled garden. Particularly the variegated poppy I found.


And I was interested by some apple and pear trees that are being trained along a wall. We’ve a conifer hedge that I’d like to replace with fruit trees and training them out like that would enhance our privacy as that’s at the busier road end of the house.


We spotted various other tree fruits as well, acorns and cob nuts (?) and various brightly coloured berries. Tigerboy walked around the walled garden and Smallest walked most of the day, given we covered around three miles I think she did really well.

A lovely day out. Great to fit in another great British walk. And as it’s about halfway between us and the beans likely to be somewhere we go again 🙂


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