I don’t know what to think about Syria.

I’m reading that UN inspectors need another 4 days to do inspections. That at the moment we don’t actually know who used chemical weapons.

I’m reading that the UK has allowed chemicals and weapons to be exported to Syria.

I’ve an email in my inbox from my MP, that says she expects to support the government on the basis of a clear and present danger to civilians.

This seems disingenuous to me. There are dangers all over the world, all the time. Why, right now, do we need to intervene in Syria? At the same time, how can we stand by and let women and children die?

(Won’t you think of the children?)

Did the government think of the children when allowing weapons to be exported? How will this intervention be any different to the other recent interventions, that have done little to empower the civilian populations of the invaded countries, and little to cut down on loss of life? Or am I just swallowing yet another set of media lies?

I don’t know who to believe. I don’t know what to think. I do know that I don’t support military intervention. That the UN inspectors should be given time to do their jobs. That sabre rattling isn’t the way forward. And that we can’t sell weapons one year, and then complain when they get used the next.

Have you heard from your MP? Have you formed an opinion, raised your voice, stated your case? Should this be a free vote, or will this be a party action, and our democracy makes little difference?

How do we save the children?

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  1. I haven’t asked my MP because I know what his response will be, Tory boy through and through, but maybe I should.

    I am totally confused about Syria, I know that we must put the children first, but not sure that military action is the way to go. But clearly you can’t get anywhere with diplomacy and Assad.

    I can’t help thinking we’ve left this way too long, and its another Afghanistan.

    My heart breaks for those children.

  2. So glad someone else is confused – I’m terribly conflicted and worried that the tears I shed for those children is being used to blind me to what’s really going on.

  3. “People” behave this way because war = wealth. Always comes down to money, sod the cost in human life because we’re expendible, to those who pull the strings.

  4. expenAble.

  5. oh bah! You know what I mean lol!

  6. I agree with Tech, it’s money – war is big business and those in that business need it to consider to keep themselves in business. Oh and doesn’t Syria have oil?

    • And if it doesn’t (have oil) it’s likely a handy stepping stone regardless. It’s all horrorfic regardless.

      • I don’t know that it’s actually that simple any more. I think it might be about the way to keep control on the world, that could slip away from governments as we increasingly see them as irrelevant. Keep us scared.

        • Fear. Keep people in fear and they can be controlled. War creates fear (and a lot of wealth too). Win win for those in positions of power/control.

          • Yes, I agree with you both, it’s also about control – control of everything. We see a version of it on ‘our own’ soil with divide and conquer methods villifying sectors of society.

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