Saturday snippets 24 August 2013

{Sewing} before breakfast, sleeves onto jacket. Have finally worked out where I went wrong and have a plan for the next jacket with a different sleeve shape.
{Learning} to felt a hat.
{Eating} pottage and frumenty and stewed apples.
{Sheltering} from the rain.
{Experiencing} community.
{Missing} dry feet!
{Savouring} my last trip to 1559 for this year. Two more days before I return to the outside world.


{Snapshots} a moment to cherish from each child from the previous week.
Big has sewn an apron of her own from start to finish. Small gave me a hug of gratitude at Warner Bros Harry Potter tour. Smallest is loving spending time with her friend Aston, though very much missing Creature, and Tigerboy played his first note on a recorder. (I’m not sure it’s a note anyone else would recognise but I was impressed he could blow! )

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  1. *Goes to google frumenty* Although I have heard of it – some sort of porridge I think. Enjoy your last two days.

    • Pearl Barley cooked in milk with apples, and maybe a little honey if needed. Served with cream if available πŸ™‚


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