Badgers against poverty!


I get a lot of strange emails via the blog, but I think this week is the first time I’ve had mail from a badger. And a badger offering money at that.

Not for me, sadly, but for charity.

I ummed and aahed about posting, but then last night I saw two posts from a girl called Jack that made me change my mind. First of all there was a post about Hunger. Looking back at her first post a year ago, and ruminating on how far she’s come and how far there still is to go. It talks about feeding her son weetabix, mashed with water, and trying to work out how to explain there’s no bread and jam.

It’s shocking to me, in this day and age, to think that there are families going through this kind of experience in our country. Not in some developing nation on the other side of the world, but in a town an hour’s drive from my house. It’s wrong. Utterly wrong. The safety nets of society have worn thin and are being held together by good will from people with little more than those they’re reaching out to.

And then, after that I saw a new idea come out. A suggestion that instead of buying a £3 cup of coffee, people go shopping and donate food to their local foodbank. #22mealsforacoffee is the idea, and there’s a shopping list in the post.

I don’t buy £3 coffees. My coffee money is already targeted to a child I sponsor via world vision. But I’m very happy that the badger’s donation of £50 has gone to the child poverty action group who work against poverty in the UK.

We shouldn’t have poverty in the UK. There shouldn’t be parents skipping meals to feed their children, or children turning up at school hungry. But while there are, we can support foodbanks and charities that are working to solve the problem. Will you join in?

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  1. Glad you finally decided what to do about the request 🙂

  2. definitely shouldnt be that level of poverty in the uk (or anywhere!) shocking when you think how much food actually gets wasted in many households, mine included.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      food waste probably slightly separate issue, though certainly if you’ve got unused stuff in your store cupboards, you could think about donating it to a foodbank.

  3. I know this. I’ve been homeless. I’ve collapsed in the street from hunger (whilst pregnant with my eldest son – I was 17) and, sadly, that wasn’t the last time times have been tough – you can be but a stumble from this. It sickens me that this continues to happen whilst various media blasts out about scroungers and ‘money for nothing’.

  4. Interesting post, really makes you think about poverty and you’re right it just shouldn’t exist but sadly it does.

  5. Interesting, thought provoking post! Well done for highlighting such an important issue x

  6. I did a whole terms project at uni on poverty in the UK a few years back, it is scandalous that we need charities like this in a so called civilised country. Sadly overseas students are choosing the UK to come to too study a third world country.
    A lot of us have had these issues and sadly they are not going away. Ok for MP’ to award themselves a rise of more than I earn in a year when as an NHS worker my wages have been frozen for 3 years running.

    • Our ruling class are completely detached from the reality they pronounce on. And it is making for a meaner society.

  7. Completely agree. It’s shocking in this day and age how many people live in poverty un-noticed. Our social structure is falling apart :-/

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