Ultimate summer driving playlist.

Inspired by Moneysupermarket (and not at all because I’d like to win an iPad) I’d like to share my ultimate summer driving tunes.

In no particular order.

Meatloaf! Anything by meatloaf. Everything by meatloaf. We’ve currently got two of his albums on the 6CD changer in the car, I think they are Welcome to the Neighbourhood and Bat out of Hell III. I was introduced to Bat out of Hell by my riding teacher shortly after it was released, I’ve been a fan ever since.

Robbie. Now I don’t like all his albums equally, in fact, there are some I won’t play around the children as I don’t want to explain the language. But I’ve been expecting you is one of our favourites, and the first chords of Strong are guaranteed to stop Tigerboy wailing and get him cooing along. My favourite is Heaven from Here. Worth listening right to the end, there are two easter eggs in the last track. (The second one is a bit strange. Or maybe a lot strange.)

Texas. White on Blonde – because they played at the concert Tim and I went to two weekends after we met. V98, in case you’re wondering.

Bryan Adams: Reckless. Mainly because I love Summer of 69. And Heaven. And Run to You. And OK, I just love the entire album.

John Denver. Because every car journey should involve some Country Roads 😉 I’d recommend the Essential John Denver as a good starting point.

Beautiful South – Carry on up the charts covers all my favourites. Such smart lyrics.

Randy Travis. Because country should be realistic. And songs like Deeper than the holler get near to that.

Carole King. Any album that includes crying in the rain. Because we never forget, and sometimes we need to cry.

Eva Cassidy. Must contain Over the rainbow. Because it’s baby birth music and I love it.

James Taylor: Sweet Baby James. Because Fire and Rain brings to mind River Phoenix dancing. Which is an image I’m going to leave you with.

What’s on your summer playlist?

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  1. oh my that brings back some memories! Only ever knew that James Taylor track bybJohn Denver, always loved it but had forgotten about it until now! Thanks ????

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