Saturday snippets 27 July 2013

{Watching} True Lies. Wondering if categorisation has changed since it was filmed, the language is worse than more modern films but I’ve seen more graphic violence in lower ages.
{Eating} homemade pizza. Was great to work with all children except Tigerboy to make it 🙂
{Reading} Gone.
{Listening} to the storm. Been a bit jealous of the rest of the country having thunder, but we caught up tonight.
{Surviving} 5 minutes of chaos. Tigerboy tripped over and bit his lip (lots of blood) and while I was dealing with that, Smallest fell over the doorstep and cut her knee! It’s good to have bigger children, I shouted help and Big raced to the rescue 🙂 (they’re both fine now)
{Wondering} why I’m typing this on the phone when I could do it so much easier on the netbook.
{resisting} buying a typewriter at the car boot sale I visited this morning. I visited it for research on selling there next week. I was strong and came away without anything. Impressed?
{planning} my book rewrite. Am wondering if I can update a book written 20 years ago to the current day. And whether I should keep the character the same age, or rework her as well. Decisions, decisions.
{smelling} the air. I love after thunderstorm smell. Much better than muggy sea front with no view smell.

no view

{snapshots} Big has moved up from Silver to Gold in the swim club – this means she’s now got 6 practices on off through the week. Small has done some fabulous reviews over on his blog, do check them out. Smallest was an absolute star in her new swimming group – did everything that was asked of her and came out grinning. Tigerboy has mastered the art of levitation – I have no other explanation for how he gets on to every chair in the house when no one is looking.

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  1. very impressed – good luck with doing the car boot next weekend. I hate doing car boots!

  2. Re the book. I have read a number of new novels that are set in 1999 – conveniently before mobile phones and internet were used by everyone. So many twists and turns in a plot could be just solved with quick text message or googling something. So an older novel could still work but get in quick before authors start finding other solutions.

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