Saturday snippets 8 June 2013

{Writing} tech post on seo. You can probably see a snippet in the sidebar.
{Travelling} to London again. Hyde Park for the #BigIF.
{Wondering} why there weren’t any signs. Maybe some of the other people in the park would have come too.
{Learning} about the issues facing Tanzania and DRC (Congo). Different countries, situations, histories. Still children dying of lack of food.
{Meeting} inspirational people.
{Feeling} inspired 😉
{Eating} junk food again. This is the drawback with travelling to London.


Overwhelmed by the power of Big’s writing this week. Small excelled in a review on his blog too. Smallest has had a particularly eventful week, got her first two swimming badges, a sticker for finally letting the dentist count her teeth and holes in her legs (vax) which I’ve just discovered tonight she’s reacted to. Tigerboy has discovered computers, he can climb onto the computer chair and is figuring out the mouse. He’s an expert at rotating the screen display already.

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  1. I was reading about the BigIf project the other day, it sounds really interesting.Shame we couldn’t make it down to Hyde Park too,

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