Read 52 – King of Thorns giveaway with a plug for Felixstowe book festival

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I love twitter. I spend far too much time on it. And one of the things I love about twitter is being able to actually chat with authors. Lots of them are lovely people who actually chat back 🙂 Someone I’ve talked with a few times is Mark Lawrence, author of Prince of Thorns, and now King of Thorns. And tonight I spotted this:

He was looking for bloggers to do giveaways, naturally I leapt at the chance, so you lucky people get the chance to win a signed paperback copy of the new UK paperback for King of Thorns. Come on, you know you want it! And as usual, all I’m after is a comment.

While we’re here though, I really ought to talk about what I’m reading. I finally managed to start Half Lives by Sara Grant. I’m enjoying it, though in a way slightly dreading the twist. It’s another of these novels written across two times, so with two distinct sets of characters, and in this case, two separate languages and cultures. It’s slightly disorienting slipping between the two, but I’ve a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

And in other bookish news, it’s just a week now to the inaugural Felixstowe Book festival. I’d really appreciate some help spreading the word particularly about the children’s events which still have plenty of availability. You can see Zoe Palmer, Baden Prince or Julie Hearn on the saturday or Hayley Long or Marita Phillips on Sunday. £2 per ticket (adults free) and I understand that discounts for large families are negotiable. Tickets for children’s events are available at the library, or via eventbrite

The competition closes next Thursday 13th June at midnight. To enter leave me a comment telling me what you’re reading this week. You can have an extra entry for sharing this post, using the badge or joining the linky with your own Read52 post – but you must leave an extra comment for each thing you’ve done, telling me what it is. As Mark is doing the posting direct, you must be prepared for me to pass your details to him – if you’re not happy to do that, don’t enter. UK only. Draw will be made using the lovely plugin and the winner is, which relies on separate comment entries.

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The background: I’ve challenged Big to read 52 books this year. She will probably be mentioning them over here on her blog. I’m also going to have a crack at reading at least 52 books myself, and more importantly, I’m going to keep track of what books I’m reading to the little ones. I’m going to do all of that in a weekly post, and I’ve also set up a google plus community which you’re very welcome to join. (If you need an invitation, leave me a comment using relevant email address – which will stay hidden.)

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  1. Ceri Sell says:

    I’m re-reading Gravity by Danika Dark at the moment. One of the best things about having the Kindle app on my phone is discovering new authors. I fought long and hard against the very idea of the Kindle – I love books and couldn’t bear the thought of anything replacing them. However, being able to download a book instantly to my phone, usually very cheaply, has got me hooked! I also love being in contact with the authors though Facebook and Twitter too 🙂

  2. Ceri Sell says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  3. Joe Jennings says:

    I’ve literally just finished Prince of Thorns, and now find myself at a bit of a loose end. I’m thinking about starting to read the Chaos Walking series tomorrow, starting with the Knife of never letting go.

  4. Joe Jennings says:

    Shared on Facebook

  5. Irene Wright says:

    Haven’t been reading much apart from the newspapers for a couple of weeks because I can’t read outside in the sun and it’s been too good to be stuck inside. However, got a copy of When the Sax Man Plays: Part 1 Making It by Yvonne Marrs lined up to start on my next early night (when husband is watching tv – maybe tonight) Will share this on post on Facebook & Twitter because some of my friends are also readers too.

  6. Patricia Leslie says:

    Borrowed ‘Boy in Stripped Pyjamas’ from my step-daughter, thought it was great.

  7. Michael S says:

    I’ve started to re-read Prince of Thorns, and I will be re-reading King of Thorns afterward in order to be ready for Emperor when it comes out!

  8. Terry Riney says:

    Shared on Twitter

  9. Terry Riney says:

    I’m currently reading City of Bones. I seen a commercial for the movie and since the books are always better thought i would read it first. Just finished her prequel series infernal devices and it was very good.

  10. Rhiannon Alwen says:

    I’m reading The Red House by Mark Haddon.

    Not really enjoying it, but I’m persevering. I’m sure it will pick up.

  11. Sam McDonnell says:

    I’d love to win 🙂

    This week I’m reading The Many Deaths of the Black Company by Glen Cook. It’s an omnibus of the last 2 books in the series. Just finished Water Sleeps and about to start Soldiers Live.

  12. Oooo I like this already! I love books.
    I’m currently reading Labyrinth by Kate Moose and actually quite enjoying it. I’m planning to do a book review about it soon.

  13. Shared it on Twitter 🙂

  14. Shared it on Facebook

  15. Shauna Ferguson says:

    Reading The Hobbit… again! I just have to pull it out every now and then!

  16. I’ve been reading The Briar King by Greg Keyes.

  17. Finally reading my copy of Prince of Thorns and LOVING IT!!

  18. I’ve tweeted

  19. I’ve shared on Facebook

  20. I’ve shared this on Google+!

  21. Dave Hyam says:

    I’m reading the last game of thrones book. I have just 8% to go ( according to my kindle) but have slowed up massively as I don’t want it to end. Love this idea of giving away the books by the blog and made it in with just 10 minutes to spare :0)

  22. I’m reading an Andy McNabe book xxx

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