This time 10 years ago

We were in the last few minutes of being a three person family.

Small was born at 11.18 I think. Although I had a blog, it wasn’t then ingrained in me to write everything up instantly, and I don’t think I ever wrote his birth story here (must have a hunt and check).

He was as different from Big as it was possible for two siblings to be. He was a big baby (the nickname was ironic) weighing in at 9lb9oz. Not a bad weight for a home birth with no pain relief but a tens machine 😉 He fed really well, but only every four hours or so, and in between times, he wanted to be put down. It was a very odd experience after the child who fed round the clock and screamed if you tried to detach her.

Life with him for the last ten years has sometimes been challenging, often enlightening and rarely boring.

Love you first son.

Wish you’d let me take a proper birthday picture though.


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  1. Happy Birthday xxx

  2. 10 is a funny age, my 11 year old dodges the photos too. Next year my triplets will be 10, then I will really be stuck for photos!

  3. Happy birthday x

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