Read 52: Judith Kerr.

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Jotting down some notes from my phone as I’m trapped under a not quite sleeping baby.

Lots of lovely books this week. Gorgeous hardback to celebrate Judith Kerr’s 90th birthday, Judith Kerr’s creatures. Lots about her life, her books, and her drawing. I’ve spent a little while adoring it and I’m sure there are plenty more hours to come. It has details of sketches from how her books are build up, and includes the whole of Tiger who came to tea and first Mog book. There’s also plenty of information about her as a person, it’s a book I’m going to be savouring for quite some time, and highly recommended for any fans.


I’m reading Playing Tyler from angry robot books Via netgalley. I’m mostly enjoying it, though some passages are so descriptive of the lead characters inner turmoil that they make me feel quite odd, so I can’t take too much of that at once. I’m hoping it will smooth out as I get further into the narrative, I’m about 20% in so far.

Have had several very varied books sent for one reason or another this week, including one as prescribed. I rather think I do have a potential prize as well, but I’ll be back in the morning to tidy this up, announce last week’s winners and sort out badge and linky.

Hope you are all having a lovely reading time atm too.

I’m now back to add in both the winners from last week’s competition and announce one for this week. Congrats, Hayley, Emma, Sara, Ian and Edd! I’ll be in touch for your details very soon. For this week, Vintage books were kind enough to send me two copies of Stoner, with the suggestion that I pass one on to a friend. I’d love to do just that – if you fancy being that friend, stick a comment in the box below. Assuming we get more than one comment, I’ll use the random draw box to select the lucky participant. If that person happens to be outside UK, I’ll negotiate with them on postage costs, and if we can’t come to an agreement, draw again. If you do extra friendly things, like, joining the linky, grabbing my badge, sharing this post with the handy share buttons, or liking my facebook page or my G+ page (badge over in the sidebar) stick extra comments in to that effect 🙂 Competition closes next Thursday 23rd at midnight, and I’ll try to remember to disclose the lucky winner next Friday.

Disclosure: I was supplied books mentioned above for review, and a spare copy of Stoner to give away. This is the affilate link to Stoner on Hivewhich allows you to support independent bookshops and this blog at the same time, please feel free to use it. Other bookshops are available 😉

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  1. Love Judith Kerr. Her autobiography of fleeing from Germany as a child was one of my favourite childhood books – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. There is a second and third book but the first is the best. The other two were just interesting to see how her life continued but nothing much happens in them (or maybe I’ve forgotten).

  2. Ooh this looks great! Just the kind of book we like! 🙂

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