I’m not sure how many words I’ve spilled out in random places on the Internet over the last ten years. Quite a few. Over 4000 posts here. Lots of comments. More tweets than I care to admit to, and then there’s Facebook, forums, email groups.

A lot of words.

And yet I can’t find time to write a book. Or more accurately, I’m scared of trying, succeeding and then being rejected.

I’ve got an envelope full of rejection slips from my teens and early 20s. A lifetime ago. Was I braver then? Or did I just have less to lose?

I’m not sure. Not sure what holds me back. I have ideas, but don’t know where to start to turn them into structure. Perhaps I should write them as a blog, I’ve got enough experience of that.

But whatever I do, I ought to write. When people asked me as a child what I wanted to be, it was either vet or writer. I’d have made an awful vet, I’m far too soft hearted. I’d have a house full of rescued animals. But it’s still a dream I’m sad I never managed to fulfil.

Now though, it probably is time to work out how to address other dreams. Small ones, for half an hour of peace and quiet. Larger ones of successful businesses and house extensions. And personal ones, of writing a book.

And if no when I manage that, I want to draw a picture book.

I should get some great rejection slips for that one.

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  1. Write! I don’t know why it is so hard to write a book, but feel the same. Perhaps it is something to do with being deadline drive? Turning a blog into a book sounds like a good idea.

  2. Do it! It’s certainly scary and hard to be rejected but there’s nothing to say you will be rejected and if you are you just try again! Someone will see your talent and snap you up.

  3. I think it’s the time involved. It would take months of dedicated writing to get a book ready to even show an agent. For me it’s not the rejection, it’s the thought of what I could have done with all those hours that would have been sure to give me a return for my time. On the other hand – one should have faith in one’s ability to write to feel sure that the time won’t be wasted. It’s a hard one to conquer. I haven’t managed it yet. I wish you luck.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      I’m trying to channel some of the hours I spend on social media into producing something a bit more lasting. But yes, the time aspect puts me off.

  4. The book thing – always in my head too, has a column on my wipe-board life planner the whole time; but…. I have three books about writing a book, but I’m thinking there is a moment at which all the thinking about writing has to be put to one side, and the doing just needs to be done. How about we buddy up – I’ll do 1 hour a week if you will, and then build from there?

    • Jax Blunt says:

      You are on. (Also, you have a wipe board life planner??)

      I printed out the first three worksheets from Stage 1 here today. Now all I have to do is fill them in. And keep filling them in. Right?

  5. Just start. Dive into it, go for it.
    Not sure if this is one for you, but have you checked out Wattpad? I’ve signed up to it with the intention of experimenting and getting feedback on my creative writing.

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