A family night in with Aldi and Collective Bias.

Saturday night is family night. Family film night to be precise. We started doing this a while ago, and if we’re all here, it’s what we do. Gather around a screen together and watch something, with copious quantities of popcorn and then a meal. I try for the meal to be something quick and easy so that I get to watch the film with the family, rather than spending the time in the kitchen preparing food while they are all somewhere else entirely.

This particular meal was a tiny bit different in that it’s my first experience of shopping with the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. Not that they actually came with me. Which is a shame, it would probably have been fun. The challenge was to buy for a family night in under £10 – and given that there are 6 in our family, that’s a reasonable budgeting challenge. Budgeting is something I’m very familiar with though, and Aldi is one of my favourite shops for achieving the improbable, as they have some incredibly good value stuff.

So, in the afternoon I went, in the snow!, to our nearest Aldi. I didn’t have a firm idea of what I’d shop for when I set off, as I’d asked around the family and they’d all come up with something different. Helpful, I know. But only to be expected when you’ve got such a wide range of ages and tastes.

Still, by the time I’d got a trolley full for under £60, there would be bound to be something in there to suit everyone, right? In fact, I’d got the ingredients for two different family meals. One fave is homemade burgers – so I’d grabbed mince, salad, buns or there was a pick and mix choice with pizza for the children and duck in hoisin sauce for the adults. Either pretty quick and easy.

meal choice one

meal choice two - duck, pizza, wedges

Our film choice was Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe. I had high hopes, dashed quickly and effectively as the film went on by the absolute hash made of the history of it all. One of the things reenacting has done for us as a family is given us all a reasonable grasp of history and how things happened, and this particular film while attempting to appear serious just trampled on pretty much everything. And then appeared to cross the whole thing with Peter Pan by introducing the concept of lost boys living wild in Sherwood Forest. All we needed at that point was Tinkerbell to sail in to save the day – preferably by changing the channel!

It’s the mark of how well this all works now though that a bad choice of film didn’t mean a disastrous end to the evening. Instead we sat around the dinner table debating middle age weaponry and precisely why the long boy trumps the crossbow. I didn’t realise that we had crossbowmen in English armies at that time, but the longbow was a far superior weapon, though the decisive victory at Agincourt was yet to happen to prove that. Always good when light entertainment sparks interesting debate and educational activities 😉

And all of this discussed over my final meal choice of burgers. About 500g from the 800g economy box, mixed with two well chopped onions and bound together with egg. Fried, and served in buns, alongside the spicy wedges, with salad and of course, ketchup.

economy mince made into appetising burger

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias #SocialFabric. You can see more of my shopping experience if you check out the g+ album I made of the trip!

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