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The background: I’ve challenged Big to read 52 books this year. She will probably be mentioning them over here on her blog. I’m also going to have a crack at reading at least 52 books myself, and more importantly, I’m going to keep track of what books I’m reading to the little ones. I’m going to do all of that in a weekly post, and I’ve also set up a google plus community which you’re very welcome to join. (If you need an invitation, leave me a comment using relevant email address – which will stay hidden.)

So this week I managed to read a whole book in three hours. It turned out to be one of those books that I just didn’t want to put down.

You’re going to be expecting some riveting and worthy work of art here aren’t you? Or a SF barnstormer of a novel. Probably not a YA contemporary romance. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s what this is. And it’s a beautiful one, just about perfectly judged. I loved the email exchanges that start the story and then pepper the book – I know what it’s like to fall in love by email after all 😉 (Seriously, I met my other half on an email list. 14 years and four children later…) I loved the two main characters, neither of whom are quite what they seem, which is what sets up the necessary friction. The plot is perhaps a little overly complex, but hey, there’s got to be something to keep your interest hasn’t there? And this would transfer beautifully to the big screen, although given that it’s partly about a film set and a film star it might be a little circular.

I had to wait to read it though. Big got to it before I did. She read it in under a day – and loved it to pieces. So it’s got a generational seal of approval, from the 13 year old and the ever young at heart slightly older mother. I love a good romance, and this is great. I particularly like that the female lead doesn’t automatically swoon at the feet of the film star, but instead runs out on him several times. Not all women are automatically turned by a pretty face.

So, a competition. We’ll do it for a £10 amazon (or whatever the local equivalent currency and shop is – yes, it’s open internationally) voucher again this week, and to enter, leave me a comment telling me what your happy looks like. (I really should have had a chat with the book PR who sent this over to see if they’ve any copies for competitions. Ah well. You could always pop over to twitter and enter Miss Page Turner’s competition as described here.)

The competition closes next Thursday 14th March at midnight GMT so that I can announce the winner next Friday. And you can have an extra entry for sharing this post, using the badge or joining the linky with your own Read52 post – but you must leave an extra comment for each thing you’ve done, telling me what it is. Draw will be made using the lovely plugin and the winner is, which relies on separate comment entries.

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  1. My happy looks like most of my Instagram feed. I take pictures of everything that interests me – mostly on my dog walks. And, trust me, it’s hard to photograph something with an excited puppy on an extendable lead.

  2. have shared this competition on twitter as @nickie72 and tagged you in it 🙂

  3. My daughters’ smiles. Finishing a book that was just right. Cuddles from my girls. Picture books. MG’s stories. DG’s imaginative play. Unexpected free time. Chocolate. A blog post that writes itself 😉

  4. Tweeted.

  5. I use the badge every week in my weekly book post, linked up.

  6. At this point, I think happiness is a healthy scan.

  7. Emma smith says:

    My happy is watching my little girl….. Doing anything; napping, laughing, eating, rolling around. We’re very lucky to have her 🙂

  8. Emma smith says:

    I RT’d your tweet as @smiffysmrs

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