Segregated yogurts.

his and hers yogurts

Saw these in local coop. Those are yogurts for children. One pack with pink hearts and the others with football on them.

Now I know that they don’t say boy and girl, but I’m guessing that’s the idea. And I don’t get it. Can you imagine if pizzas were done that way? Heart shape pizzas with low fat cheese (because all adult women are on a diet or should be) and manly pizzas, added meat and square logos. None of those feminine curves. And then couples would have to have a pizza each, no sharing, because women wouldn’t want to eat Square Pizza (TM) and no self respecting man would eat a heart shaped one. (Maybe someone could develop pink cheese too?)

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

So why are we standing for his and hers children’s yogurts?

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  1. Surely they (both the manufacturers and the retailers) will miss out on custom when mums of boys can only buy half their stock of these yogurts and vice versa.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…#SilentSundayMy Profile

  2. “Discover 3 NEW and exciting Müller Kids Corner yogurts! Lots of Love is a strawberry flavour yogurt with pink & white chocolate coated cereal hearts. Footballs, a vanilla yogurt with black & white chocolate coated cereal balls. Choccy Raisins, a toffee flavour yogurt with chocolate coated raisins.”

    They all sound revolting to me. People will either buy or not buy. Unfortunately lots of little girls (such as my nieces) would love the one with hearts. Their house is pinker than the inside of a pink marshmallow.

    • Interesting then that the coop had chosen only the two clearly differentiated ones to stock. My kids learn early on that that sort of thing just doesn’t enter our house!

  3. How strange! “In my time” (yes I’m old) there were only a few flavours of yoghurts, only a few brands and we were all deliciously happy with any of them, what mattered was whether the flavour was good or not and the packaging was all rather plain.

    I personally wouldn’t buy this but I think many people would, probably because the children ask for it? This new generation seems to be very into design.

    Then again I have a 50/50 girl, she will wear her princess dress but with her rocket wellies (supposedly for boys, the girls’s version was pink with flowers). 50/50 like her mum is just about right. Her father bought her Peppa Pig fromage frais or something like that once, I refuse to do it again. I’m not going to pay extra because it has Peppa Pig on it.
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  4. Tattooed mummy says:

    Yorkie .. Its not for girls..

    • It worked. I don’t buy it. Which means, as I do the shopping, nobody in this house, female or male, eats them.

      (Don’t buy anything else nestle either. )

  5. Oh this is so annoying. But it absolutely is done for adults. Not heart-shaped, but Pizza Express has a diet pizza (it has a hole in the middle with salad in) that they promote to women while they promote ‘meat feast’ or something to men. Plus there’s some ‘just for men’ muesli and, like Tattooed Mummy says, Yorkie. And yes, it’s just about marketing, but it also reinforces and perpetuates gender stereotypes and it gets right on my last nerve 🙁

    • I’m obviously utterly oblivious. Or just don’t shop anywhere where these things are on sale.

    • Yeah, I love the absurdity of marketing a pizza with a hole in as a diet pizza. Come ON. It’s like marketing Polos as diet sweets. And the only person I know who still drinks Diet Coke is a man…

  6. we seem to avoid a lot of this by cooking from scratch, buying the cheapest supermarket own brand version (usually very plain white based packaging) and, well, just not eating fromage frais or yogart (lactose intolerance)…

    also doing the supermarket shop online is quite restful!
    mamacrow recently posted…It’s good to talk…My Profile

  7. Yorkie is the one that really p*sses me off, but then it’s N*stle so I’m not likely to buy it anyway.

    All this sort of thing just leaves me cold. I just don’t get it. Nin likes frilly dresses and doing people’s hair. She also likes wearing jeans. Some days she dresses like a princess, others a ninja. She likes playing with dolls and she likes playing with cars. She owns a pair of nunchuks and does MSMA twice a week. Her eldest brother looks really good in hot pink (and owns quite a few pieces of clothing in this colour). Both her eldest brothers can be found wearing nail varnish and her second eldest brother is really good at kneading bread. Her youngest brother really likes playing with Sylvanian families (he asked for a house for Christmas and recently bought some polar bear babies with his pocket money) – he also likes light sabres and Star Wars. He wears hand-me-down jumpers – one of which has been worn by his 3 older siblings and will likely be worn by his younger one. Another was knitted specifically for his sister, but he likes it and wears it (it’s a nice jumper).

    All these things and more could be neatly slotted into ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ but none of the boys and girls in this household appear to be too bothered with sticking to their allotted pastimes/toys.

    It depresses me that such things continue to be targeted at people based on gender 🙁
    NinnyNoodleNoo recently posted…A walk with the girls to meet some new neighboursMy Profile

  8. WHY or why can’t they combine ideas girls like football to!
    Claire Toplis recently posted…Kinsectic Learners ( Learning through play )My Profile

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