Saturday Snippets 9th February 2013

{Remembering} Matilda Mae and all the other children gone too soon
{Reading} Fractured by Teri Terry. Really enjoying it.
{Eating} jacket potatoes.
{Feeling} very proud of my big girl.
{Returning} the lovely Samsung Note 2 to three.

{Snapshots} Big got swimmer of year for Bronze squad, am incredibly proud of her. Small has discovered there is life outside computer screens and been lovely with Smallest. Smallest has been using stencils to draw lots of different shapes and recognises that a hexagon is like her hexbug case. And Tigerboy had his first trip to the out of hours doctors. I think (hope) he’s on the mend now.

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  1. Good news about Tigerboy 🙂

  2. We’ve been eating jacket potatoes too, when it’s cold outside there’s nothing better.

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