So hard to find the words.

Yesterday my breath was taken away by a tweet from a blogger I knew, announcing the unexpected death of her baby girl.

Matilda Mae was just two months younger than Tigerboy.

I found it incredibly difficult to grasp.

On the same day my Twitter stream was full of excitement over bloggers travelling to Ghana with comic relief.

I’ve never been fond of comic relief as a charity. I think it can be far too easy for people to make a grand gesture for one day and then turn their backs and get on with their lives, ignoring the suffering that continues for the rest of the year.

But. If what they do can save mothers from the pain that Jennie is experiencing, prevent other families from having to explain to toddlers where their missing sibling is, then it has to be worth it.

I’m going to get behind Team Honk, little as I like the name. (It’s just not me, I’m afraid, I don’t get how it’s funny. Sorry.)

For Matilda Mae and all the other babies taken far too soon.

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  1. Also no words but deep shock and sorrow. xxx
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…#SilentSundayMy Profile

  2. thinking folk are compelled, as you have been, to find meaning in the randomness and cruelty of human existence; you make as good an argument as I know for bothering to stump up my hard earned readies, J…

  3. …and now in bits after reading her own post about the event…

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