Soda bread, maths tests and missing dsi.

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  1. ohh now that doesn’t look too difficult… I might give it a go – your picture makes it look good too 🙂

    Oh and I wondered that about buttermilk too – I got a breadmaker recipe book and loads of recipes had that in there, and I had no idea either!!
    jo recently posted…In The Brownies….My Profile

  2. Oh, bother on the dsi 🙁 I don’t suppose ringing centreparks will help at all? I hope something cherring for Small will turn up soon. You seem to be very much a fab mum, but the job of mum seems to come padded with guilt no matter what!

    Fab soda bread, mmmmm! My sister lives in Ireland so told me the milk & lemon trick as she makes it all the time. She says black treacle really makes it, but I’ve not tried that yet.
    Anne-Marie recently posted…Decorated Shoes and TOTALLY RUBBISHMy Profile

  3. (((hugs))) I was going to suggest ringing centreparcs too? Poor small, but not really your fault either, sometimes things like this happen. Hope you can find something to cheer him.
    Soda bread looks yum. What is the milk and lemon trick???
    Carol recently posted…Learning By Accident and Snow 🙂My Profile

  4. I used to make soda bread a lot, and used yoghurt instead of buttermilk, which works well. I’ve even used fruit yoghurt when I didn’t have any plain, and that was good too.

  5. can i ask what quantity of yogurt do you use instead of buttermilk is it the same? (sorry if this is a stupid question)

  6. Glad you managed to get the buttermilk issue sorted out. Using milk and lemon is a much cheaper option too. It costs me 50p for the buttermilk in that recipe and it is kept in the fridge. 🙂
    Thanks for the link back too. x
    Hope the DSi does turn up.
    Good luck with the GCSE things too…we seem to be forever in a haze of exams at the moment. Poor children.
    Cherished By Me recently posted…Home made child friendly PizzaMy Profile

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