Saturday snippets 12 January 2013

{watching} The Muppets. Better than it started out. Not what I’d call good, though it did have some snigger out loud moments for all of us.
{reading} Still ploughing through Caitlin Moran. Hm.
{eating} microwave popped ordinary popping corn. Did you know you can do that? I didn’t. I covered the bottom of a large pyrex dish, put its lid on, and cooked it on full power (900W in this case) for about 6 minutes. In hind sight 5 would have been better. The few bits that were scorched tasted *really* bad. But overall it was more of a success than my usual burn the bottom of the pan outing.
{running} a mile and a half in 15.46. Which trimmed nearly 45 seconds off my previous attempt two days ago. Go me.
{cooking} soups. Lots of lovely soups.

Tigerboy has hit average, Smallest has mastered stripping (have not had a stripper before, interesting. How come they don’t get cold??) Small has finally worked out the point of brushing his teeth, and Big has finished her orthodontist experience. She’s got retainers indefinitely, but no more appointments. End of an era. There you go.

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  1. And life goes on… I love these snippets. I really will do one next week.
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