New week, old books.

Monday. The various activities haven’t started back yet but I thought it would be good for us to get back to some usual practices, even if normal might be a little much to aspire to. So along with his chores, Small did mathletics and writing and planning his project on the history of telecommunications, while Smallest played on Mat Sat (her name for the Bob Books App), did some drawing and played on reading eggs for a while.

Big managed some maths, some guitar and some reading and also knocked off cooking tea, while Tigerboy majored in creating chaos and looking cute.

I pottered, did housework, picked up Tigerboy’s new wooden blocks three times, explored Google+ some more, dealt with some emails, managed my third run of the year and finished my first book. It was Scent of Magic and I’ll review it properly tomorrow. I’ve also lined up two more competitions for the weekly Read52 post so hopefully that will become something to look forward to 🙂

I’ve also managed to keep up with my plan to spend more quality time with the younger children. And I’ve wrapped reading aloud into it. I’m reading a chapter of Paddington at bedtime to both of them. I was quite surprised that Smallest listens so well, it takes nearly 20 minutes to read a chapter and there are very few pictures. But she seems to be enjoying it, so I guess she’s ready.


How did your Monday go?

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  1. We read revolting rhymes, Bb walked off in disgust, guess she is more of a tradionalist….
    northernmum recently posted…Nice to see normal is back: a torch, a bit of Gangnam style and some edwardian dress….. ~ NorthernmumMy Profile

  2. We love Paddington. I must read those aloud again this year too!

  3. Ah, sounds great:) We had a good Monday all round- a bracing walk to see the ducks, pop in at the library and then home to play with the rainbow rice and doll’s house. When the baby went to bed Luka and I practised writing in his moon dust, jigsaws and singing! Of course, in between I was working and he did have half an hour of TV but most importantly, there were NO tantrums! If he is busy, he is happy!
    Susanne@babyhuddle recently posted…10 posts about PregnancyMy Profile

  4. I love to think of you reading Paddington! It IS quite wordy (I vote Pooh is best too) – but even if some the words just wash over you when you’re small it’s such a brilliant end to the day.
    I so enjoy reading your posts, and will pipe up more often this year!
    Clara recently posted…introducing Bubble and Squeak!My Profile

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