Photoblog: science alive.


Funky boots and triominos.


Tissue paper hot air balloon team work. Best balloon there apparently. 🙂


Fabulous light harp.


I made this.


Finishing the day with bubbles.

The only drawback was the driving. 1 hour 45 on the way there, then I missed my junction on the way home and added ten to fifteen minutes of idiot strewn rush hour roadway. Honestly, what possesses people? Why, when you’re already in the queue leaving the carriageway would toy swerve back on to pass four cars and swerve back off again? Or if your car is breaking down why continue past an exit at 25 miles an hour? Driving with your hazard lights on doesn’t magically remove the danger.

But that was a very small part of the day. Most of it was friends and chatting and learning and tea and coffee and oh so yummy gingerbread.

My kind of home education.

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  1. Urgh to traffic. Katy and I sat for ages wanting to be able to click our fingers and we’d be home and we didn’t have the journey you had to face. Was a lovely day though. Thank you for coming out.

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