Winning Christmas – Swagbucks, Mum Reinvented competition and Thinking Slimmer giveaway.

I’ve spent a while this afternoon cruising facebook/twitter and a few other sites, looking for competitions to enter to win presents for Christmas. I didn’t do very well in the Swagbucks Christmas challenge from Tots100 – it turns out that spending 6 days in a youth hostel with next to no internet seriously hampers your chance of doing daily surveys or persuading other people to sign up to Swagbucks. I managed one referral, who has completed zero searches, so won no swagbucks for themselves or me 🙁

Search & Win

Feedback today on facebook was that it sounds very American and slightly dodgy – swag being something that thieves get. So perhaps some way to go to get acceptance in the UK market place. I have to admit I have found it very frustrating, rarely getting through to complete the daily survey (so many of which are so badly phrased that it’s actually impossible to complete them accurately – eg choose one from 0-4, 5-10, 11-16 to describe ages of your children. Um, I need to choose them all…) and therefore rarely hitting my daily target to get the bonus bucks. I know other people in the competition have done much better than me, so probably worth reading round their blogs, all linked from here, to find out how best to play the system.

I have found a great competition on Mum Reinvented. I stand a chance of winning a fitbit and associated scales, just by blogging about the competition from MoneySupermarket. I can do that. I just did do that. Didn’t I? Because I do have all good intentions to actually get fit next year. Fit would be good.

Weight loss is stable at the moment following my rather drastic change in diet recently. And I’ll be using my Christmas present from Thinking Slimmer to keep it that way over the holiday period. If you’d like to join me in that I’ve got a lovely giveaway for my readers – but get it downloaded and started now, you’ve got to give Trevor time to work on your mind, and we’re getting rather close to the period of much food now. (Actually, checking back in my email, you really should have started it by now. I’m sure that starting it tonight will help though?)

Gah. I’m really not that fond of Christmas. I hate the pressure of trying to get the right thing, and feel stressed about making people happy. But you can’t actually make other people happy, it’s up to them to do it for themselves. Difficult, like I said. But ho ho ho, and all that.

If you know of any fab christmas comps going on, feel free to stick them in the linky so that me and my readers can find them easily. Ta.

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  1. You can have 5 chances at winning a �50 voucher if you visit Cosmos Holidays’ blog at – 5 food bloggers have taken part in a Spanish themed bake off and everyone who gives a score out of 5 gets entered into the voucher giveaway – you are allowed to vote on all 5. Admittedly mine is one of them but I think the others are all better than mine!! Hope you win something!

    • Tootled over to vote, couldn’t see anything about a competition for voters though. Will look again after another cuppa. Fab looking recipe you posted.

  2. To me, as an Aussie, “swag” is the bag carried by intinerant workers or vagrants/the homeless.

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