Sunrise E-Cigarette – reviewed.

Those who know me, know I don’t smoke. Tim, on the other hand,does. Not in the house, not ostentatiously, but daily, and expensively. So for today’s review, I’m handing the blog over to him.

My credentials as a reviewer? I have smoked for over 40 years, and smoke about 17 cigarettes a day, I don’t know why but it goes up and down, with stress and attempts to give up, but always seems to come back to an average of 17 cigarettes.

I have tried patches, once giving up for almost a year, but when I tried them recently, I suffered from an allergic reaction to them. I had heard of e-cigarettes, but was not convinced…

Anyway, to the product.

Unpacking. The pack is cigarette packet shape and size. A minor point, but one thing I noticed was that the quality of the pack is not up to the tobacco industry’s standard. The e-cigarette comes in a perfectly acceptable box, but they have invested hugely in the presentation of their product and the design and construction of cigarette packaging are second to none. Cigarettes are for the cool kids, see.

Once unpacked though, the e-cigarette is quite cool. The gold coloured metallic finish looks very good indeed. It is Superking sized but, obviously, a lot heavier than a cigarette.

Assembly and charging are straightforward using the supplied USB cable, attaching to a computer.

In use, the experience is pretty good, the tip of the e-cig glows, so you can tell it is working, and flashes to warn you when charge is low. You get a good hit of nicotine, which I think should be strong enough to deal with almost anyone’s craving. There is little flavour, but you do get a nice plume when you exhale, not smoke, just vapour, so as I would understand, you ought to be able to “smoke” one of these anywhere.

I do miss the whole cigarette experience thing, lighting the cigarette, the taste is different, and you don’t get to the end of an e-cigarette, no stubbing out, and a few times I have come close to throwing it away! So what I have been doing is mixing my e-cigarette usage with real cigarettes. Over time, I suspect I would be able to cut out cigarettes completely, certainly, as mentioned, the nicotine delivery of the e-cigarette makes a smoke unnecessary.

Cost. Simply awesome! If I used the e-cigarette exclusively, I reckon one refill would last me between one and two days, at a cost of £0.79, so I would probably use around half a refill container a week, so about £4. Cigarettes cost £6 to £8 per pack and I smoke most of a packet a day. In a week I was spending probably about £40 on cigarettes – I expect to save £36 per week once I have managed to cut cigarettes out completely. Pretty impressive.

Overall, this is a very good product, if you are a smoker, give it a try, you are most unlikely to do anything but save money by doing so.

Disclosure: this product was sent to us via Fuel My Blog for the purposes of review. E Cigarette on sale at Paramount Zone

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  1. Good luck Tim. Of course we will need an update on your progress in a few weeks time.
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  2. My mum needs one of these. Shame we’re not speaking!
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