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Twice today I’ve found parking spaces convenient for my destination. That never happens. And being early for a dentist appointment was a very new experience. I then continued to surprise myself by actually taking up the matter of my early fillings with the dentist – I can’t understand how my teeth can have rotted within a couple of years of me getting them and then no more in thirty years since. Doesn’t make any sense, and my current dentist seemed to agree. Considering a couple of years ago it was all I could do to walk into a dentists without crying I was rather proud of myself.

So that was the morning used up, came home to some rather nice homemade broccoli and Stilton soup. Then pottered on through the afternoon knocking various little bits of my todo lists while feeding children, taking calls, and doing housework. And networking of course. I’m pondering the next business step. Should I hope to do most of our marketing online? Or could I try to hold a local blog clinic? Would local businesses be interested, or is it only because ppl know me via this blog that I was successful at MumsnetBlogfest?

Nearly forgot that the children had uniformed group carol service this evening, but made it there in the nick of time. Unusual to spend an hour with just me and the younger two. Rather pleasant though. Two small children is remarkably easy compared to having four 😉 and then as the carols had dented my food plans, collected take out pizza (thank you Josie) when I picked big up from swimming.

Which all made for a very late night. And given we’ve got music school in the morning, I’m really hoping tigerboy is going to go to sleep soon. Did I mention I caught him standing unaided today?

Oh yes. Life is about to get even more interesting.


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  1. Oh bless him. Doesn’t it just get better? Goodness knows what tomorrow holds for you then!
    Anya from Older Single Mum recently posted…The RAA and a Revelation!My Profile

  2. The other day our daughter had a panic attack because she had a dental appointment. It was pretty awful – never seen her so distressed as an adult and never want that to happen again.

    I last had something done to my teeth in 1982. Dentists need to be consultants, not a paramedical profession. They should become fully qualified doctors before they go into dentistry. Can’t tell if that’s rationalisation though.

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