Oh Monday.

Sleeping in after cold disturbed night day.
Running to catch up day.
Day of hope, and missed chances and burst bubbles.
Broken gingerbread house and heart.
A few more days of bassoony goodness held out before us.
More phone calls in one day than normal in a month.
And so much undone. Amid maths lessons given and learnt, books unfinished, washing draped about the house, shopping shopped and cooking cooked there’s a disaster of a living room fallen prey to destructor babe and whirlwind tot.

Ah well. You’re nearly done with Monday. Your last twist of orthodontic band escape at bedtime will be dealt with tomorrow. You didn’t quite beat me this week.

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  1. I remember during the Gulf war in January 1991 when we had three weeks enforced ‘holiday’ from school and I was single without child. It was too cold to go out and we were advised to stay home anyway. I got everything done including cleaning my whole apartment, tidying every cupboard and drawer, all paperwork, all correspondence, all ironing and sewing, a full freezer, e-ver-y-thing. That was 22 years ago and I’ve never achieved that since although I dream about it sometimes.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…Wonderful Volunteers To IsraelMy Profile

  2. I can imagine dreaming of that. I’ve never had a period of time quite so productive. But I don’t think I’d want the reason you got it…

  3. Monday slaughtered me this week, took no prisoners!
    northernmum recently posted…The Stress of Normality ~ NorthernmumMy Profile

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