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Cosmic supply company in action

Twice today I’ve found parking spaces convenient for my destination. That never happens. And being early for a dentist appointment was a very new experience. I then continued to surprise myself by actually taking up the matter of my early fillings with the dentist – I can’t understand how my teeth can have rotted within […]

Swimming, pizza and added chaos.

Thursday is swimming day and pizza night. Before the first trip to the swimming pool I’d done two business phone calls and sold a website, so I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Just as well Big came down to the pool with me, as it meant she was there to collect smallest while I […]

Working from home.

There are plus points to working from home. I’m not missing Tigerboy’s first cruising steps along the sofa, because I’m right there, looking up from a blogpost to savour the moment. I can work in every spare minute I can grab around the children’s needs, and while I’m cooking bolognese, or more likely, burning it. […]

Mixing business and pleasure while keeping it real.

Starting a business twitter account has been quite an eye opener. I never actually tried to build a network on twitter, it frequently surprises me how many people are signed up to listen to my ramblings. So having to go out there and be interesting on purpose bewilders me slightly. I know what I like, […]

Oh Monday.

Sleeping in after cold disturbed night day. Running to catch up day. Day of hope, and missed chances and burst bubbles. Broken gingerbread house and heart. A few more days of bassoony goodness held out before us. More phone calls in one day than normal in a month. And so much undone. Amid maths lessons […]

Silent Sunday 25th November 2012

A bridge of books.

I have always loved books and reading. As a child, whenever we went out as a family, I would take a book with me, or could be found hidden away with a book I’d borrowed from the shelves of wherever we were. It should be no surprise then, that when I first had children, what […]

Saturday Snippets 24 November 2012

{listening} to Dire Straits and Eric Clapton. And Big playing Knockin’ on Heavens door. {watching} Snow white and the Huntsman. Not a good family film night choice. But it wasn’t actually a choice – the media centre refused to play Blue Rays, and then the TinTin DVD kept sticking so the next on the pile, […]

Meat eating vegetarian.

I’ve been vegetarian for half my life. I started in my third year of university, but at that time, being skint, I continued eating fish as a protein source. A couple of years afterwards I went fully vegetarian, and that’s been the way ever since. It’s never seemed to be too much of a problem, […]

Competing for Christmas.

Times are hard, as I’m sure most of you have already noticed. In the process of setting up a new business venture (feel free to take a look over at our wonderful website package and sign up or tell other people about it) we’re not rolling in spare cash at the moment. So I’m doing […]

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