Just another quiet Monday.

That’s how it started. What with it being half term, so no activities to worry about, so a lazy start to the day. We read books in bed, and did a sticker book, and looked at some Oxford Reading Tree phonics stuff, but it’s a bit beyond smallest yet, so we did some more stickers instead.

Then there was


And small did some of this.


And I read yet another book.


Had a lovely chat about the author on twitter, he’s ever so popular.

And somehow the morning evaporated, then I got a text from the Scout leader about Scouts.

Apparently it isn’t half term yet. So Big stopped writing a book and ran off to practice bassoon. I was impressed with myself for making extra quantities of lentil soup yesterday so I had a lovely healthy lunch, and then it was time for the manic bit of the day. Bassoon, shopping, home for cubs pickup, cook tea, swap a cub for a Scout, eat and the final pickup at 9.30.

It makes for a late night but tomorrow really *is* a quiet day.

I hope.

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  1. My 9:30pm pick up is on a Tuesday. It does seem ever so late. The 8:30pm on a Thursday isn’t so bad as I stay out from dropping her at 7:30pm but the Tuesday 9:30 is much harder to go back out of the house for.

  2. When I was child the activities (including brownies, etc…) were from 5-6.30pm for younger groups and then, after a break for everyone to go home and have supper together, 7.30-9pm for older groups. No community centre has this supper break anymore. I read that when the BBC started brosdcastin tv they finished children’s programming at 6pm and there was nothing until 7pm in order to have time to put the children to bed. LOL
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    • Sounds like an excellent idea to me, both bits. The beavers, then cubs, then scouts up til 9.30 in the evening kind of ruins Monday tbh.

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