Seasons come, seasons go

almost without me noticing. I’m fairly sure that summer crept by me. There were some glorious warm days, but I didn’t glory in them the way I should have done, except for during our week away camping.

And now we’re lining up another long weekend in a tent, and I’m wondering how we’re going to fit enough warm blankets in the car to survive the experience. Might have to be two runs – one to take the tudor costumes over, another to deliver the bedding. I’ve never camped this late in the year and I’m a bit nervous, can you tell?

So much other stuff to fit in before we go too. I outfitted Big for the summer with t shirts, leggings and shorts with a couple of trips to local shops. I’m not sure I can face it again – I’m considering giving her a virtual allowance and pointing her at a few online sites to build up a shopping list. There are so many around these days, I’m sure she would quite enjoy it in some ways, and it wouldn’t be as painful as being dragged around physical shops with a toddler in pushchair and baby in sling.

With plenty of clothing choices online, she can spend a happy few hours preening and planning, and then I can browse Ebay for cheaper variations 😉 Or perhaps it would be a good budgetary experience to set her to finding the cheaper versions!

It’s hard to know what to do for best for her. She is developing her own sense of style, which pleases me hugely. But then occasionally it upsets her that she doesn’t quite follow the beaten track, so I think it might be time to start introducing her to the John Hughes films that I grew up on, to see if things like Pretty in Pink have her raiding the charity shops and sewing her own clothing. She turned a pair of my worn out levis into a bag the other day, and it looks great, really unique. There would be worse things than a daughter who grew up modelling herself on Molly Ringwald – I know I wouldn’t mind being that successful.

Or is that trying to live my life through her, if I show her my films? She already loves my music (there is something incredibly cool about a 12 year old listening to Meatloaf) but she has room for her own tastes too. I’m not ever going to fight her for Taylor Swift. Sometimes I wonder if home education can lead to too close a relationship, that I might be stifling her own development, not giving her room to work out her own preferences. Then she tells me something about a conversation with her friends, my eyes glaze over and I realise it’s fine, there’s a plenty big enough generational gap there after all.

Parenting. I had no idea that it would be so wonderfully, infuriatingly, blissfully, nerve wrackingly, exhilaratingly awful and beautiful, all at once. Did you?

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