Her new best friend – Sammy, the Mini Lotta doll.

Smallest hasn’t been much of a one for dolls so far. Or for cuddlies for that matter. She’s been a bit fickle, a toy will be in favour for a couple of days and then left in bed, or stashed somewhere forlornly.

That has changed since Sammy arrived. I liked the sound of the MiniLotta doll from the start – a plush doll that can go in the bath, great idea for a toddler as favourite toys do tend to get grubby. And I wasn’t disappointed. The doll is beautifully made and simply presented, without an overabundance of packaging (how I hate excess packaging) and the clothes and other accessories are lovely too.

I like that it’s not pink themed. Instead Sammy has a stripy blue/green swimsuit permanently on, and all the clothes coordinate with that. Several of the outfits are reversible, to increase play value, and there are child sized versions of some, like the stripy bag. That was popular too, and works well to keep all the outfits safely contained on days out.

But I think this may be one of those times that pictures speak louder than words.

On arrival exploring the accessories

checking out the clothes

cuddles with Sammy

Always together
end of a long day

You may be able to tell that this doll is popular. Very popular. I’m not sure that I can put across how much Smallest adores her, and I have to say, I’m pretty fond of her too. Highly recommended.

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  1. Amy Bennett says:

    This is a truly lovely doll . Could you please show it in water and after it is out of the water? It is a really good convincing photo.

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